Are you giving way too much thought to your next book, business venture, or bold move? When we overthink our decisions we hold our own success hostage.

Too frequently, we determine the final payment demands will far exceed the benefits of releasing ourselves, and we do nothing. Peter Senge, noted author of The Fifth Discipline and learning expert, raises the question quite nicely-

“Prisoners of the system or prisoners of our own thinking?
It may be time to think differently about your fears and doubts. Incessant wrangling with self-doubt over important decisions can be emotionally, financially and creatively debilitating. The self-negotiation between your doubts and desires may be taking a far greater toll than you realize. Consider negotiating an early release with yourself.

Manage your angst and move forward by assertively asking and answering: What’s the worst thing that could happen? Be honest. Can you live with the worst things that could happen, in contrast to living without the best things?

End the hostage drama

Our greatest successes are anchored to taking action, not simply having good ideas. Being habitually overly contemplative at the expense of fulfilling your dreams may be the only thing keeping you from the success you crave. It may not be your competencies or opportunities that need work, but how you view them.

You can end your self-doubt hostage drama by coming to your own rescue. Start by sending one idea from your consideration side to your action step side. If the world doesn’t crash after you take that first step, take another. Then rinse and repeat until the ransom is paid. You may not release all of your great ideas at once, but your progress will definitely set the tone for future self-negotiations.

The tip from Hayward: The next time your self-doubt takes you hostage, pay the ransom note, you are probably worth it. As one person puts it- “If you won’t follow your dreams, who will?”

Thoughts fuel ideas, actions fuel dreams.

Hayward Suggs- Leadership Coach and Soft Skills Trainer Commonquest Consulting

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, most of which never really happened. -Mark Twain

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