Coaching for Women Professionals

All things being equal, women should have the same workplace benefits and opportunities as their male counterparts. But in reality all things are not equal. Women on average are paid about 80% of what males earn for identical work.

Women earn less for the same work as males and are often excluded from the boardroom and high profile assignments. Even when they break through the ceiling they can feel isolated, trapped, and setup to fail. What good is a break through that leaves you feeling broken?

Successful business women hire Hayward to help improve their relationships, results, and rewards.

Hayward is a trusted advisor and relationship communication strategist. He helps professional women enhance their persuassion skills to get others to see the world through their eyes.

Oh yeah, he is also a guy! Which means you can get a male perspective which can prove useful from time to time.

Get a fair advantage, call Hayward today,  1- SPEAK-7-3232.

Confidant & Trusted Advisor

Velocity is Key for Your Success

What could you accomplish if you had someone really supporting your professional or personal mission? A resourceful, trusted confidant, laser focused on your success. Your goals and dreams matter. Why not get the powerful support boost you deserve?