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June 2017

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Velocity For Your Success "Whether you aspire to be a better speaker, consultant, executive or person, working with Hayward Suggs will propel you into excellence- striving to make each day better than the last.”– Janet Moore, Chief Executive Officer, J. Wright Moore, Consulting [...]

April 2017

When Self Doubt Holds You Hostage Consider Paying the Ransom

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Are you giving way too much thought to your next book, business venture, or bold move? When we overthink our decisions we hold our own success hostage. Too frequently, we determine the final payment demands will far exceed the benefits of releasing ourselves, and we do nothing. Peter Senge, noted [...]

Hidden Figures: Do You Really Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Understand Workplace Inclusion?

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SPOILER ALERT- If you haven't seen the movie Hidden Figures, STOP READING NOW! Go see it, then come back to this article. The movie is too great to risk spoiling it. I was fortunate to see it with three of the most important women in my life. We all thought [...]