Mission Support Personified

 Is there any work that challenges and rewards like managing a non-profit organization?

In these days of fiscal austerity, the demands are great and unrelenting.

Managing community needs, funders, board support, staff productivity and resource challenges are all just part of the job. Your staff relationships with major stakeholders are critical. You need strong people support to be successful. 

What could you accomplish if you had a coach in your corner, to help maximize your leadership efforts?

Imagine people skills training, leadership development and team building support at your fingertips. Coaching and training to improve performance and responsiveness. Your clients, staff and board could all benefit.

Why wait when difference making mission support is just a phone call away? Contact Hayward today at 1.844.4 SOFTSKILLS.

Team Building

Get Better Relationships and Results

The work is hard enough. You need people pulling together not apart. If you want people to work cohesively, you have to form a team. We can share team development wisdom, teach skills, and influence attitudes to get your crew moving in the right direction.

Strategic Planning

Get a Dynamic Actionable Plan of Attack

Wouldn’t it be great to have a plan you can use instead of another binder filler? You can have a detailed, action based plan that excites people and ignites passions. Ask us about PLAN A, because as Chris Gardner says, everybody knows Plan B sucks! 1.844.4.SOFTSKILLS.

What People Are Saying About Hayward

Leadership Development

Invest in The Future, It’s Coming

You may not know exactly whats coming in the future, but you know it will be here. Will your organization have the leaders it needs on board and ready? Or will you be forced to look outside? Protect your future, invest in theirs.

Executive Coaching

Even a Superhero Needs Back Up

  As one man puts it, organization problems are often people problems in disguise. Staff, funders, boards, and clients are great but can create challenges. Throw in competition, collaboration, and compensation concerns and it can get ugly fast. When you need a confidential sounding board, a strategic resource or accountability partner, Hayward has your back. Lets talk, no cape necessary. 1-SPEAK-7-3212.